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the California Library Association’s vice president in 1910, and created and distributed the famous orange signs that designated county library outlets throughout the state. The official Montecito Library branch—a one- room corner of the Montecito Community Hall— was established in February 1911. For decades the Hall and Library served as a social center for the community. Cameron Conkey and his family lived next door to the library for five years. He chroni- cled his youthful experiences in a 1978 article titled “The Old Montecito Hall—Its Young Years” in No- ticias , a quarterly publication of the Santa Barbara Historical Society. He vividly recalled the librari- an. “One afternoon a week, Grandma Spring (Mrs. Mary A. Spring, a widow) would trudge down with a load of books from her home on East Valley Road and open the library. …She never missed a week for years.” Judy Pearce, a fourth-generation Montecito resident who now lives in Carpinteria, recalls at- tending plays and fundraising events at the hall in the 1950s. She points out that people in Montecito at the time were a part of a close-knit community, regardless of wealth or status. Her best friend was Susie Hammond, and Susie’s parents were hands- on helpers at events. “They were phenomenal peo- ple,” says Judy. “They probably had as much money as anyone in Montecito but you’d never know it. I remember fundraiser spaghetti dinners, and Susie’s mom was in the kitchen washing dishes, and Mr. Hammond would be drying them. The really im- portant people I knew as a kid weren’t ostentatious at all.” Community Rallies To Save The Hall… In 1942 the Montecito Hall and Library Association deeded the property to the County of Santa Barbara. In 1959 the Board of Supervisors announced their intention to sell the deteriorated building at auction. Startled into action, Montecito residents formed the Montecito Community Hall Association to “save the hall.” Meantime, the library moved across the street in 1960, leasing the space now occupied by Village Hardware and later a small office on the other side of the green, home of today’s Montecito Executive Services. In February 1979, the commu- nity convinced the Board of Supervisors to remodel rather than raze. The new Friends of the Montecito Library organization spearheaded fundraising ef- forts to match county-approved funds, raising $100,000 in a little over four months to restore and enhance the hall. The spiffy “new” Montecito Community Hall and Library opened in October 1980. Volunteers carried books by hand from the library’s former leased space to its expanded quarters. The build- MontecitoMag.com 35 Compass isa licensed realestatebroker (01991628) in theStateofCaliforniaandabidesbyEqualHousingOpportunity laws.Allma terialpresentedherein is intended for informationalpurposesonly. Information iscompiled from sourcesdeemed reliablebut is subject toerrors,omissions,changes inprice,condition, sale,orwithdr awwithoutnotice. To reach theCompassmainofficecall805.253.7700 Where the quality is more important than the quantity. Tim Dahl 805.886.2211 tim.dahl@compass.com timdahl.com DRE 00894534 Mobile App Tim Dahl Real Estate Free access to all MLS listings 32 Years of Experience