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amarkand means “land of heart’s desire,” and this Covenant Retirement Community, snuggled amid sun-splashed gardens in Santa Barbara, certainly lives up to its name. The community offers an invigorating lineup of activities and events tailored to their sophisticated and increasingly younger clientele. Energetic resident Phila Rogers (right), a retired science writer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and accomplished author, loves that she can continue to nurture her passions while living at The Samarkand. “What are my favorite things here? Being close to nature... all the exercises, yoga, and they have a wonderful art program here.” Phila smiles as warblers and sparrows flit through the oaks near her sunny second-story apartment. “But I’ve been nourished intellectually, too. We have a book club once a month, and that’s where I find so many people I enjoy being around,” she says. Phila’s life is as busy as ever since she moved to The Samarkand five years ago to be closer to her family, who own The Santa Barbara Company. In between attending the community’s many social events, she finds time to volunteer at a local school and write a nature column for the community’s Never Too Old Changing With The Times By Karen Hastings “Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength .” – Betty Friedan The Samarkand S It’s known by some as the “silver tsunami.” A wave of aging baby boomers is changing the way Santa Barbara’s retirement communities design their programs and facilities. “Over the past decade, we have seen and experienced the national trend of active seniors deciding to move to a retirement community at a markedly younger age,” says Katie Hoegh-Guldberg, director of sales and marketing at Casa Dorinda in Montecito. Research also shows that baby boomers want to continue their active lifestyles when they retire. They want more choices and more independence. By incorporating the latest research and adapting to these demographics, our local retirement communities offer a carefree, culturally rich lifestyle with easy access to Santa Barbara’s world-class attractions. 64 Montecito Magazine Fall 2018–Winter 2019 PHOTO BY KAREN HASTINGS