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to become the first of his people to obtain a univer-

sity degree. He then went on to become the first Ik

member of parliament.

“Stories like Hillary’s keep me going,” Tom says,

recalling how they met in 2006 while he was work-

ing with the nonprofit Save the Children and how

this “son of the soil” has given him entrée to sacred

places like Mount Morungole.

Together they climbed the 9,000-foot peak on that

misty afternoon in June 2015 when the aloe fl wers

opened for Tom and his brother smiled down from

above. I emailed Hillary to ask about

Aloe lukeana

and, in broken English, he drew a sensitive compari-

son between the plant and its namesake: “Thomas

loved it like the way he loved his brother, the aloe

plant’s uniqueness and beauty also inspired him.”


In 1996, having returned to Santa Barbara fromMo-

zambique, Tom connected with his uncle Jeff Shel-

ton, an architect known for whimsical art-fueled

designs, and together they started Cold Spring


June 9–September 4, 2017

John and Peggy Maximus Gallery

2559 Puesta del Sol, Santa Barbara 805.682.4711

Aloe munchii

Left – A rare and beautiful species that grows high

in the Chimanimani Mountains along the border of

Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Aloe africana

Above – Commonly known as African Aloe, this species

is native to the Eastern Cape area of South Africa. These

aloes often appear in the landscaping at Jeff Shelton-

designed buildings in downtown Santa Barbara.