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you bottle.’ The day we bottled was really the day

we connected, and he asked me for my phone num-

ber. I had mentioned to my sister that I thought Rob

was pretty cool, and she tipped me off a few weeks

later that he would be at a Mountain Drive birthday

party that night. I went and ran into Rob again, and

we have been together ever since.”

Allison specializes in Chumash history and cul-

ture, and Rob often tags along with her on research

trips to the Channel Islands and other locations.

“Santa Cruz Island is my favorite place to

paint,” says Rob. “I absolutely love the Channel Is-

lands. That’s what brought Allison and I together.

I was able to go out with her class groups as their

chef, and in my free time, I would explore and paint

the island.”

Allison adds that “the nice thing about our re-

lationship is that we both love the outdoors so no

matter where he goes to paint, there is always some

‘kicking around’ that I can do. No matter where

we are, he’s usually painting and I’m hiking around

bird watching or exploring the seashore, so we of-

ten travel to those places where Rob can paint and

I can wander.”

Oak Group artist John Comer has also paint-

ed and wandered with Rob. He says he first met

Rob in the late sixties, surfing almost every day

at Hammonds, Rincon and Hollister Ranch, then

started painting together in the late 1990s in Santa

Barbara and surrounding areas. “In the summer of

2006, we had a memorable trip painting on Santa

Cruz island for almost a week,” Comer recalls. “We

would get dropped off on a high ridge overlooking

the expansive view on the south side of the island.

We painted all morning and in the midday heat, we

would hide under manzanita bushes and then paint

again in the afternoons. We had a particularly great

painting day above Blue Banks with fog all day and

then a clearing wind. I was forced to start all over

again because the shadows were now so strong, but

Robby kept working on the subtle effects of the fog

drifting in on the cliffs in waves and fully captured

the feeling and scope of the landscape we faced.”

Comer adds that “as a native, Robbie knows

Santa Barbara in a deep historical context, past

and present. This understanding, combined with

his surfer’s knowledge of weather and time of year,

puts his work on another level as does his concise,

clear approach. Like any of us landscape painters, his

work is constantly evolving with ever-strengthening

nuances of color and composition. I always look for-

ward to seeing what he is working on next.”


Rob’s art can be seen in the Faulkner East Gallery at the downtown branch of the Santa Barbara Library during May 2017. Rob’s website: