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vicemen would come in, and he knew exactly what

drink to make for each of them.”

In an interview recorded in 1983, toward the end

of his life, Ambrose recalled the decade before the

Top Hat opened in 1932. “There were lots of boot-

leggers back then. You could get whiskey. Later, at

the Top Hat, we used to serve (low-alcohol) near

beer and make cocktails with bitters.”

By themid-1940s, FranciscoMiratti’s son Frank

Jr.’s downtown holdings included cigar stores, pop-

ular coff e shops and the Californian and Barbara

hotels. In addition to the Top Hat, Charlie E. ran

the busy Pickwick Fountain and Lunch Depot at

514 State Street.

“Uncle Charlie owned several commercial

buildings on State Street,” says Tony, “and Miratti

relatives worked in all of them.” Th family’s labor

pool remained largely Italian-American through-

out the 1950s, by which time the Miratti extend-

ed family had grown to include such familiar

local names as Vizzolini, Favro, Erbetti, Zardos,

Gherini and Petrini.

Th se and other Santa Barbarans with Italian

roots maintained close social ties through the Cath-

olic church, Th Sons of Italy and the Italian Boot