Montecito Magazine Spring 2019

GranVida is Redefining Senior Living in Carpinteria. “Small town, great life.” That’s what GranVida is all about. Right here along the beautiful Central California Coast. Experience a truly active and energetic lifestyle in Carpinteria’s only senior living and memory care community. Living a Great Life. The quality of life here is defined by the spontaneity between residents and staff. And with bocce, yoga, art, cooking classes, fitness training, Music Thursdays and High Tea, you’ll never have an idle moment—unless, of course, you choose to. Our Series of Inspirational Speakers. From book signings by the original “Gidget” and local favorite Donnie Nair to experts sharing advice on VA Benefits, Downsizing and Aging Gracefully, our speakers add flavor and inspiration to everyone who attends. (Hint: You’re invited!) Health and Wellness Seminars. In addition to Beauty Makeovers, Sleep & Be Fit Seminars, Audiology and Memory Care Screenings, you can also meet “Einstein”, our unique computer/ video engagement system that residents can’t wait to get up in the morning to use. Eventful Moments. Veterans Appreciation Day. Hawaiian Luau. Comedy Night. The Spirit of The Fiesta. These and many other special events are free admission and open to residents and to you. We invite you to come and join us for lunch. Small town. Great life. 5464 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria, CA 93013 805-566-0017 RCFE License # 425802114 45 perspective and helps focus the mind. “One of the nice things about painting is that you see so much more. If you sit in front of a building for an hour, you see a lot of things that you don’t if you are just walking by. And so there’s this kind of brain engagement that I think is important for health as you get older,” says Rich. Beyond this mental focus, Rich describes the sweet satisfaction derived from completing a creative project. It’s really nice to be able to finish a painting and say, “It’s done, I did this!” he says. “I think the mind needs to be creative, it needs to have a sense that you are still a productive person, that you can please other people by what you do.” Patti Miles ~ GranVida For Patti Miles, a resident at GranVida Senior Living in Carpinteria, art can be profoundly transformative. “When I’mpainting, I don’t feel any pain,” she says. “It’s like Alice in Wonderland, it’s like going through the mirror.” Patti was a sculptor, but when a doctor told her she could no longer lift heavy objects, she sank into a deep depression. She knew her beloved sculpting days were over. “That’s when I went back into painting,” says Patti. “I’ve painted in acrylic, oil paint, watercolor, pen and ink, and multimedia. It kept me alive. It got me through the really bad period.” These days, Patti finds inspiration at GranVida, where she has lived for two years. “My whole room is a studio. I have a balcony, and I can sit out there and paint if I want. The light is amazing.” From her sun-splashed apartment, Patti enjoys views of the gorgeous Santa Barbara scenery that inspires