Montecito Magazine Spring 2019

Santa Rosa Island Treasures in a Time Warp By Cheryl Crabtree • Art by Marcia Burtt, Jeremy Harper, John Iwerks, Thomas Van Stein iles of white-sand beaches with zero crowds. Trails to a rare pine forest, steep sandstone cliffs, majestic mountains and spectacular canyons filled with fascinating remnants of prehistoric times. A bird-watchers’ dream-come-true, with dozens of unusual species flitting about a deep blue sky. Thousands of elephant seals, sea lions and other mammals basking in the sun. Where is this magical place? This veritable Shangri-la may sound like a mythical world invented in a film studio, but it’s actually Santa Rosa Island, only 26.5 miles from Santa Barbara County’s mainland shores. It’s one of five islands that comprise Channel Islands National Park and is the second-largest island in California (15 miles wide and 10 miles long). Although all of the Channel Islands are well worth exploring, Santa Rosa offers a few things you won’t find anywhere else in the park, and in some cases, the world. M Painting © Marcia Burtt PHOTO BY CHUCK GRAHAM