Montecito Magazine Spring 2019

76 Montecito Magazine Spring–Summer 2019 The SBCC Promise relies on privately raised funds • Discover how you can help at Success Stories Made Possible by the SBCC Promise Alisa Lemere Carpinteria High School graduate, current SBCC Promise student “The University of Oregon was my dream school but I couldn’t afford out-of- state tuition. When you’re lower middle class, a lot of scholarships aren’t available. SBCC and the support from the Promise turned out to be the best way for my life to work out. I’m a Communications major considering human resources as a career path, and my communications theory class made me grow the most as a student and a person. “I’m totally in love with Santa Barbara City College and wish I didn’t have to leave, but it’s time to move on. So I’m applying to four-year programs and UC Berkeley is my top choice. I am glad so many local students are using the Promise and getting a chance to take advantage of all the great opportunities right here at SBCC.” Ava Engle Carpinteria High School graduate, current SBCC Promise student “I was a senior in high school and started an SBCC class, Principles of Pantry , in the Culinary Arts program. We bought all the supplies and books that I needed. We knew that the Promise wouldn’t start until I graduated. The Promise made an exception and reimbursed me. It was, and still is, a big help for my future. When I was a sophomore, I heard that I would get two years free. The Promise has paid for all my culinary books, chef uniforms and knives. “ I love being at SBCC because it gives me the freedom to plan my classes and to meet people from all over the world. I plan on getting an Associate in Science degree in culinary arts. I’ve been thinking about working for a catering company and learning how it’s run.” Adrian Mejia San Marcos High School and SBCC Promise graduate “The Promise is the only reason I continued my education. Eliminating the burden of worrying about financing my education really helped me focus on school, and within two years I graduated from SBCC and am now pursuing my bachelor’s degree at CSU Channel Islands. Next fall, I will apply to a doctoral program in Chicano studies or history, as my focus of study will be Latin America and Mesoamerica. None of this would have happened without the Promise. It makes it possible for students to set and achieve new goals, and reach levels we never thought possible or haven’t been available for people like myself, who are often underrepresented.” Veronica Brinley Ocampo Santa Barbara High School graduate, current SBCC Promise student “As a first-generation student from a low- income family, the Promise has provided me with a huge advantage. Not only does it cover my enrollment fees for two full years, but it also includes free access to tutoring, Wi-Fi, computers, textbooks and many other benefits. I am majoring in early childhood education and enjoy my studies. The Promise has allowed thousands of students to attend college without having so many financial concerns. This gives many of us hope, and provides opportunities for a brighter future. With the help of private donors, students are able to pursue higher education.” u Since its inception in fall 2016, over 3,000 students have benefitted from the SBCC Promise. Many of those students would not have been able to afford college without the SBCC Promise, which covers enrollment and all required fees, books and supplies for two years. In the fall 2018 semester, nearly 1,800 students were enrolled in the Promise, and over half of them had a GPA of 3.0 or higher. By George Yatchisin