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how to right a capsized boat and how to be rescued if you can’t—all part of the maritime safety train- ing that goes hand in hand with racing techniques. “Without our coaches, we wouldn’t be where we are,” states Ryan. Ryan and Zoey plan to sail for their local high schools when they are older. The Youth Sailing Foundation facilitates the high school sailing teams for Santa Barbara, which currently include 15 to 20 high school boys and girls. “We compete with kids all the way from San Francisco to San Diego,” says Jeanene Pierce. Nick Kaschak adds, “The high school teams are very fortunate to practice in tandem with the UCSB Sailing Team, which often ranks among the top 20 varsity sailing teams in the nation.” Whether Santa Barbara’s local pint-sized sailors go on to compete at high levels or sail for fun to the Channel Islands and beyond, “in the end, most of them end up sailing here in Santa Barbara,” says Anne-Marie Castleberg. Many join the fun low-key Wet Wednesday yacht races, held weekly from April through October. If you happen to stroll along the break- water in Santa Barbara Harbor on a Wednesday 28 Montecito Magazine Spring–Summer 2018 In October 2017 young sailors from all over California charged up and down the race course during the SBYSF Goblin Optimist Regatta, the first of six regattas in the Carrie Series. More children learn to sail in an Optimist than any other boat. Its weight, sail size and stability allow it to be sailed in all wind conditions. during the season, you’ll certainly spot the fleets of boats charging up and down the race courses, many crewed by sailors who developed their pas- sion for sailing at the foundation’s facility on Marina One, across from the Santa Barbara Yacht Club in Santa Barbara Harbor. One of those sailors is Francie Lufkin, who served as the yacht club’s first female commodore in 2013. Her parents, Llew and Marilyn Goodfield, are longtime yacht club members—Llew was com- modore in 1996 and Marilyn serves on the schol- arship committee. “Sailing has always been a part of my family’s life, both as a child and today,” says Francie. “Youth sailing is a very special activity in Santa Barbara. Many of us live within minutes of the harbor, and our sheltered waters and fresh breezes provide the perfect ocean classroom. Once you’re comfort- able on a sailboat, a new offshore world opens up. Learning to sail at an early age is an opportunity that should be available to all our children. SBYSF is the perfect place to begin!” u For information on the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation, visit sbysf.com. For details on summer programs (five sessions from June 11 to August 17) visit sbysf.com/summer PHOTO BY ERIC ANDRESEN, COURTESY SANTA BARBARA YOUTH SAILING.