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was a memorable event in town as the enormous boat slowly was trundled from the yard to the shore. As always, the two Lindwall daughters were on hand to witness it. “Usually Mom and Dad would take us out of school so we could see the launches,” Diane Powell says. Vaquero II later would be featured on two epi- sodes of Huell Howser’s PBS TV show California’s Gold , which showed Vail & Vickers cowboys on horseback driving cattle aboard the boat for trans- port from Santa Rosa to the mainland. Vaquero II was a one-off—the only cattle boat on Lindwall’s resume. But after launching her, he did not go back to building commercial fishing boats. A new career phase beckoned, thanks to an innovative yachtsman named Willard “Bill” Shepherd. In those days, most cruising yachts were sail- boats. Shepherd and his friends wanted long-range diesel-powered yachts that looked and operated like work boats but were built for comfort. In 1957, Shepherd bought the commercial fishing boat Angelina from the Lindwall family and started converting her into this new kind of yacht, called an offshore cruiser. At the same time, Shepherd and others were urging the noted naval architect Art DeFever to design an offshore cruiser from scratch. DeFever took up the challenge, and presumably it was not MontecitoMag.com 35 Oil Paintings by Priscilla Fossek land . sea . sky . still life . figures PriscillaFossek.com priscillafossek@gmail.com Girl in the Grey Room • oil on canvas • 48” x 24” Painting © Mike Rider / M ikeRiderArt.com