Montecito Magazine 2020

10 Montecito Magazine Summer–Fall 2020 Publisher Peter Freitag Director of Art & Design Christine Flannery Story Editor Cheryl Crabtree Production Assistant Keith Flannery Copy Editor Nancy Ransohoff Circulation Jon Jessup ADVERTISING Peter Freitag, Christine Flannery, Keith Flannery ADVERTISING AND EDITORIAL OFFICES 1144 Edgemound Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Corporate Office Phone (805) 682-8335 / Fax (805) 682-0887 Design & Production Office Phone (805) 966-2445 / Fax (805) 966-6103 CONTRIBUTORS Writers Cheryl Crabtree, Karen Hastings, Mark Lewis, Nancy Ransohoff, George Yatchisin Artwork Kimberly Atkins, Janice Blair, Heidi Bratt, Christine Flannery, Kevin Gleason, Gail McBride Kenny, Emil Morhardt, Cathy Quiel, Karen Schroeder, Martha Shilliday Photography Karen Hastings Historical Photos & Art Christine Pozzebon Henry, Pozzebon Family, Gledhill Library–Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Montecito History Committee Resources Anne Athanassakis, Dr. Nick Bruski–Montecito Union School, Lisa Cullen, Patti Jacquemain, Maurie McGuire, Susan Mohun, Anthony Pozzebon, Geoff Slaff, Gledhill Library–Chris Ervin, Montecito History Committee–Leslie Powers, and Oral History Project by Margery L. Cronshaw and Maria Herold Montecito Magazine is published by Montecito Magazine TM , Inc. Volume XL, Number 1 © Montecito Magazine, Inc. 2020, Santa Barbara, California All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright and trademarked contents may not be reproduced in any manner or form without prior written permission of Montecito Magazine TM , Inc. Many paintings in the magazine are available for purchase. Contact Christine Flannery,