Montecito Magazine 2020

Cover Artist …Karen Schroeder By Karen Hastings • Art by Karen Schroeder rom butterflies and birds to the tangled tree trunks of dense forests, her work bursts with bold hues and lumi- nous lines that seem to dance off he paper. “Printmaking gives me the opportunity to tell a story,” she says. And no matter what the subject is, each piece illuminates a chap- ter in the story of Karen’s life and her journey as an artist. Karen always loved creating art. “My earliest memo- ries of making art are drawing on the walls at my mother’s house in Los Angeles. It drove her crazy,” she laughs. “Fi- nally, my mother told me I could draw on the walls of the closet.” Karen credits this constant parental encourage- ment with paving the way for her artistic pursuits. “My mother and father were not artists at all, but they were very supportive,” she says. In elementary school, Karen won numerous awards for her art, and this gave her the confidence to pursue a degree in fine arts at California State University, North- ridge, with an emphasis in printmaking. “I did everything — etchings, woodblocks, lithographs, silkscreen. I loved all the different techniques, thinking in reverse, problem- solving and learning from the surprises of what a print can do,” she recalls. “But I enjoy the relief technique the most,” she says. She works on a piece of wood by carving away Artist Karen Schroeder’s vibrant paintings and prints depict the beauty of nature. Passion for Printmaking F 48 Montecito Magazine Summer–Fall 2020